on my way of figuring out

on the way of figuring out
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Thursday, June 26, 2014
[Merong Ep 17] Update Update Update @ 2:41 AM | 0 respond



A quick update on erm well my life!

1. I finally graduated my degree (this was 8 months ago :p)
2. I finally got my DRIVER LICENSE! (this was 5 months ago)
3. I finally get a job! (this was 3 months ago)
4. I finally turned 24! (this was 1 month ago)
5. I am officially a Melody! (since 2013)
6. I am still single /cries/
7. I am still very much into KPOP (I know I know..)


I havent blog since FOREVER!
I hope nobody misses me :/ but am secretly hoping someone did though ;p

The reason why I didn't blog that much is probably because I don't have the time /liar/ and my life is literally boring at which my days starts with a rough wake up call from Mr. Alarm then work (+ KPOP-ing + Katalk-ing) then housework (+ K-drama) and sweet sweet sweet sleep time. Yeap.

I don't have UNLIMITED Mr. Internet as well /weeps/

I actually missed blogging though and at the moment I am at work stealing sometime (coz I can't think of anything to be added to the report I am currently working on) to blog babbles 
And I miss making GIF /T.T/


Its almost July and Ramadan is around the corner INSYALLAH!


July July July!

Teuk sshi is coming back!SOON!

I wish I could go Korea and greet him LOL


p/s : BTOB, BTS, Apink and Super Junior
p/s/s : should I go for Pink Panda?
p/s/s/s : Next time I wanna add pix

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